Storage, FACTS & Custom Power, SSSC

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Storage, FACTS & Custom Power, SSSC

INGEGRID™  is the product range that offers flexible, modular solutions for energy storage,   complying with the grid code, voltage control, supply quality, and power flow regulation in generation, grids for transmission, distribution and consumption points.

INGEGRID™ is available in the following formats:

  • INGEGRID PCS™ : Power Conversion System (PCS): Power converters        
  • Management, control and monitoring platform:
    • INGESYS IT™ - SCADAs and microSCADAs of equipment, installation and plant.
    • INGEGRID EMS™:  Energy Management System for solutions based on INGEGRID™ converters.
    • INGESYS IC3™ - Advanced control and automation system. It manages communications with the various elements that compose the solution:
      • Company control centres.
      • Existing SCADAs.
      • Battery management systems.
      • Power plant controllers
      • Energy Management System
      • Security systems (intrusion, detection and fire).
      • Electrical control and protection equipment.
  • Turnkey solutions. Where Ingeteam integrates and commissions all of the elements required to meet the client's needs. PCS, storage systems, EMS/PMS, monitoring, etc, solutions designed for electrical companies, general contractors, independent producers (IPPs) and end users.

Flexibility, Modularity and Scalability are the three characteristics that define the INGEGRID™ family of products and solutions.

Ingeteam's experience in power electronics equipment (more than 25GW installed), together with our in-depth knowledge in the field of protection and control, make our INGEGRID™ turnkey solutions the best option for resolving problems associated to the grid and its functioning both in the field of generation and consumption and in energy transmission and distribution in electrical grids.

Solutions for voltage regulation, power factor control,  improving grid quality and compliance with the grid code.

Energy storage solutions that are compatible with different technologies (batteries, supercapacitors, etc.) which also include INGEGRIDTM STATCOM functional features. 

Dynamic energy flow control solutions for medium- and high-voltage grids.





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