• Marine propulsion

    Marine propulsion

To guarantee the correct operation of the equipment, installed by us on on board, our technical personnel provide permanent assistance and support to our customers. This support is provided throughout the development phase of the project and after termination of the contractual guarantee.

We offer the following services:

Development of engineering and supply of equipment: design and execution of design and detail engineering for the entire vessel’s electrical installation, including the supply of the electrical equipment, following the vessel’s design specifications.

Installations and Assemblies: following a previously developed project and in compliance with the required regulations, stipulated by the shipowner and classification entities, we execute and supervise the assembly works of the vessel’s electrical installation. These works are carried out by specialist personnel that have participated in the elaboration of the design and detail engineering.

Commissioning: carried out by our technical personnel that actively participated in the elaboration of the project. Before commissioning the system, installed on board the vessel, equipment integration tests are carried out at our premises and in the presence of the client. These tests reduce costs, guarantee the operation of the vessel’s electrical installation and prevent delays during the commissioning phase.

Training: provided at our offices in Zamudio (Biscay), where we have the required technical and audiovisual elements, or at the shipowner’s premises or at the shipyard. The courses are designed and adapted to the demands and needs of each project and/or client. 

After-sale assistance, maintenance and spare parts management: We supply systems that allow for a safe and rapid connection between the vessels and our main offices in Spain.  Communications are based on the IngeRAS system, developed by Ingeteam, fitted with a satellite link; this allows us to provide technical assistance 24 h/day, 365 days/year. This service, together with our network of factories and subsidiary companies, enable us to offer an assistance.  

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