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Solar array supervision and control at hybridization plants

The local control unit (Ingecon LOC) is dedicated to the control and monitoring of the solar collector or heliostat.

Its principal functions are:

  • Receipt of orders from the solar array supervision system (SCS) with regard to the operating mode (tracking, follow…).
  • Calculation of the theoretical angle of the sun's position, based on the date, time and geodetic co-ordinates of the collector, with a precision of 0.0003º.
  • Transmission of information on status, alarms, position, temperature, etc. to the SCS.

The Ingecon LOC is able to control a range of drive types:

  • Single phase motors and single phase motors with a direction of rotation.
  • Three phase motors.
  • Solenoid valves.
  • Etc.

Communication via: Ethernet 10/100 Mbps, RS485, USB and physical inlets and outlets.

The solar array control system (SCS) is responsible for transmitting setpoints and receiving information from the Ingecon LOC and for communicating with the power block DCS. The SCS can be configured either as an independent system or as a system dependent on the DCS. The redundancy level can be customised on the basis of the installation requirements.

The SCS comprises a series of communication boxes strategically positioned on the solar array, these boxes are responsible for communicating with the Ingecon LOC through a fibre optics communication network, with the servers installed in the control room.

Standard communication protocols are used, such as Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU. The refresh times for an array of some 800 Ingecon LOC are less than 3 seconds (this value may vary depending on the configuration and the protocol selected).