Photovoltaic Energy


Ingeteam launches its new 100 kW three-phase string inverter
Ingeteam is finalizing the launch of its new PV string inverter, which will make it possible to achieve a power output of 100 kWAC in a single, 75 kg unit. This inverter will be on show at the Solar-Tec fair in Cairo (Egypt) from the 4th to 6th December, and is set to go into production in June 2017. This new three-phase inverter, which extends the INGECO...


Ingeteam starts assembling its first 4.92MWac MV Power Stations
Ingeteam has recently launched to the market its new INGECON SUN CON40 power station and has now started assembling the first units for different utility-scale projects. This 40-foot-long ISO container is able to reach an output power of 4.92 MWAC, as it features three 1,500 VDC central inverters, each one providing 1,640 kW. This new PV inverter series wit...


Ingeteam will supply the control, protection and measurement system for the biggest photovoltaic plant in Latin America
Ingeteam will supply the control, protection and measurement system of the El Romero Photovoltaic Plant's booster substation in Chile for its client Acciona Energía. On this occasion, through its Chilean branch Ingeteam SpA, Ingeteam will supply the complete control, measurement and protection system for the plant, which consists of the detailed el...


Adolfo Rebollo, the Ingeteam CEO, is actively taking part in the most important PV fair in America, which is currently being held in Las Vegas (USA). The Ingeteam Chief Executive Officer took part in a round table entitled "Battery Energy Storage Systems: Propelling Solar to Maximum Grid Penetration". During his speech, he explained that the integration ...


Ingeteam achieves UL1741 compliance for the new 1500 Vdc Central Inverter Product line
Ingeteam´s INGECON SUN PowerMax U B Series inverters are dimensionally just 111” x 35” x 80” inches; these inverters are able to supply up to a maximum power of 1,637 kVA in a single unit - making it the solar inverter with the highest power density in the market, thanks to its more than 326 kW/m^3 (5.34W/in^3). The 1500 Vdc INGECON...
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